Why Warframe is the Best Game to play on PC

If you are looking for the best games available today, you will get many suggestions. Warframe is one of the most consistent free games on the market. Warframe is an action-based game that works both on PC and on the console.

Being a free online MMORPG, Warframes receive frequent updates. This guide will be very useful for beginners, as they have an idea of ​​how the game works in the long term.

We will also discuss basic game mechanics, such as quests, Warframe builds, and their pros and cons.

What is Warframe?

What is Warframes for some of you? Warframe is an MMORPG that focuses on the mobile cases of the same name. These frames have different classes and use within a group. In a way, Warframe is comparable to another PC player’s favorite Destiny.

Warframes, it supports multiplayer games, hence you can complete the missions with your friends. During these missions, players can earn loot, including weapons and upgrades. These mods or upgrades can improve your character or your weapons.

Why should you play Warframe?

The game received its concept in 2013 on PC and later consoles. Under his belt for 6 years, Warframe continues to receive updates. New story elements, new frames, and designs.

This is why it is important to search for warframe guides on the Internet. This is an opportunity for new players to dive in without hiccups. Previously, there were only maps for the mission, but more maps of the open-world have been added.

The game’s tagline focuses on the movement “Ninja’s Play” and emphasizes its fast gameplay. But, like its competitors, there are different types of warframes. Some focus on absorbing the damage while others rely more on the supporting role. Managing the organization of your team can lead to success or failure of the game. 


Warframe is a free online war game. As a Tenno or Warframe, you have access to melee and wide weapons.

The weapons will be your primary defense. In addition to war, it also emphasizes movement. But you can also solve puzzles with the game’s hacking mechanism.

Your character can run, jump and tackle over obstacles. These skills can be important in determining the success of your work. Speaking of missions, you can play alone or with friends, by inviting them.

Warframe has 21 different types of missions that reflect different goals and objectives. Your team must work together to succeed or face defeat. These functions are of two types, PvE and PvP. PVE will be based on the players confront hordes of the bot enemies as their main obstacle. PVP mode includes stage and clan combat. This will help to test which is the best warframe. It is best to learn more about the warframe you have chosen.

There are also special assignments that award prizes. But you will need certain elements to access it.

How to build a warframe

When it comes to selecting Warframe, the choice is upto you. Get to know your gameplay style and select the Warframe.  Saryn warfrmae is one of my favorites, hence I’m going to use it to show how to build a warframe using the mods.

Saryn is an activist who focuses on the spread of poison and with his infectious abilities causes death among his enemies.

Saryn is one of the best Area of Effect damage-dealing warframe, as it keeps her damage spreading amongst enemies as well as weaken them simultaneously. 

The parts of Saran can be achieved by defeating Kela De Thayme in Merrow’s mission, on Sedna. You can also purchase her blueprint from the market for 35,000 credits.

Spores Range Saryn Build

This construction allows Saryn’s spores to spread to create corrosive damage indefinitely as they continue to kill their enemies and spread again.

Although the boundaries are greatly improved, most of the tasks in this build, regardless of the size of the map, will be filled with a large number of enemies. The corrosive effect will reduce the enemy’s armor which paves the way to kill them easily. 

The duration of the spores will last for a long time especially when spreading. Once in a while this will help you warframe to kill hundreds of enemies in a mere minute. 

Balanced Saryn Build

This build is similar to the previous one, except that it focuses on the range and on the balance and the mod for a good percentage of its statistics. With this Balanced build, all the abilities of Saryn benefits with damage, duration, and decent range.

Saryn is an excellent fighting force when it comes to killing enemies in large or small areas.

Her abilities are often used to deal with enemies with varying level effects, and deal a lot of damage over time, which allows her to kill the enemies on a move, as she doesn’t stay and wait for the enemies to die.


Saryn, considered one of the best warframe to destroy enemies, is capable of accomplishing defense tasks with ease and even the solo interceptions with ease. If you want to send many enemies easily and strategically, then this spreading warframe is a must. This brings many benefits in many campaigns with the individual and teams.

There is no better time than now to give a try to Warframe. What are you waiting for? Register now and play for free!

Reference: http://warframemag.com/

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