Best Kodi Skins For Firestick And Leia 18

Kodi is hands down one of the best open-source media platforms when it comes to streaming TV shows and movies. One can customize Kodi Media Center using the best skins or themes of 2020. The software allows you to watch your favorite video content anytime and anywhere without a subscription.

8 Best Kodi Skins For Firestick And Leia 18

There are some great Kodi skins that were designed specifically for the latest Kodi 18.5 Leia version (also older Leia versions). Here is the list of the best Kodi skins for Kodi 18 or newer versions.

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Aeon Tajo is a Kodi 18 skin only with a cool feeling. When you are on the home screen, the skin plays light and soothing music for you (which of course you can turn off in the skin settings). The skin also allows you to use your personal M3U playlist for background playback.

Best Kodi Skins For Firestick and Leia 18

It’s a clean, minimal skin with great menu items around the bottom. This makes the skin incredibly easy to use. Pictures, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Videos, and systems are the main items in the Home menu with their respective submenus. You can always remove any item from the main menu or submenu you want or even add a custom item. Additionally, you can choose a custom background image and a custom label for each item.


When I first looked at it I thought Quartz was unfinished skin – a work in progress. Very quickly, I realized that it’s more of a raw skin that leaves you a lot to customize. It provides a basic structure but for the most part, you have to build it from scratch. If you’re new to Kodi, you might want to try some other Kodi skins on our list. However, if you are a power user familiar with customizing Kodi skins, you might like.

Best Kodi Skins For Firestick and Leia 18

The home menu is placed left to right in the center and accepts limited options. Movies, TV shows, music, pictures, add-ons, and KODI are the only things. With the exception of the last two, Add-ons and KODI, the other menu items have almost no submenu. From the KODI menu, you can go to Settings and start creating the submenu items.

You can activate/deactivate and rename any existing main menu category. However, you cannot add a new category. Since it’s such a basic skin, I think the developers should have allowed at least that much.

Quartz isn’t the prettiest Kodi skin, but it’s not that bad either. You can try it.


Best Kodi Skins For Firestick and Leia 18

If you want to use a nice and clean interface then you should try Kodi Pellucid. A skin-like Omni has a similar left menu placed on the left side. For Kodi fans who want to enjoy live streaming to your Kodi media center, nothing beats the quality of the Pellucid Kodi skin.


Best Kodi Skins For Firestick and Leia 18

Amber is another of the best Kodi skins highly suitable for new users. This skin has a user-friendly interface that lets you watch your favorite videos instantly. Also, the skin looks a lot like another Kodi skin confluence.


Best Kodi Skins For Firestick and Leia 18

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this skin is a modified version of Apple TV. Users who want to use their media center like Apple TV; this skin is a blessing in disguise for them.


Best Kodi Skins For Firestick and Leia 18

Omni is one of the best skins for Kodi. This Kodi skin exclusively features a ubiquitous menu that allows users to navigate quickly. Users can access the main menu and sub-menu from each window. However, it doesn’t offer a luxury of customization for Kodi fans.


Best Kodi Skins For Firestick and Leia 18

Titan is one of those Kodi skins that give you simplicity at its highest point. What sets this skin apart from the rest is its structure and information flow. It doesn’t complicate matters since you can easily find all the information in one place.


Best Kodi Skins For Firestick and Leia 18

Arctic: Zephyr is a skin for Kodi that provides both functionality and attractiveness to one place. Kodi users should try this skin to customize the layout of their media centers accordingly. However, not all things are rosy for the Arctic: Zephyr. This is because the users will not be able to use the mouse and the touch support function to navigate the menu.


We believe that it is not a difficult task for you now to choose the Best Kodi Skins For Firestick and Leia. Our guide will allow you to achieve style and comfort both by applying these skins to your media center. If you find our guide interesting or want to add more skins to our 2020 list, please feel free to contribute with your comments in the comments section.

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