Xbox installation, Features and Review

Xbox is the second most used gaming consoles There is n number of games available in Xbox. You need to install any of there games. All these games are available in a store. And you need to search for any of the game and install it. Most of the games are free. If you are a new user, you can use this guide to know more about using kodi on Xbox 360

And some of the best and most played games are paid. You need to play a certain amount and you can install the game on your device. This method is similar to installing the app on your Android device. This is one of the devices which has the easiest installation process. You can use the same process to install any of the apps.

Xbox Variant

Currently, there are two variants of Xbox available, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Both of these models are very similar in performance and function. Both have their own drawback and advantages. But with the slightest perk in performance, we highly recommend Xbox 360. The installation process is the same for both of the model. Either go for Xbox one or 360. Maximum try to avoid, Xbox one S.

When comparing Xbox One and One S, Xbox One is much better. Make sure to compare all the three products before buying Xbox. You need to make a comparison on your own terms.

Xbox Features

You can call Xbox as a modified computer with high graphics. Here are some of the basic features of the Xbox 360. It has 512 Mb of RAM. It is 8 times higher than the original Xbox. In addition to this, it has a 32-bit processor. This is an advanced audio processor. It supports 5.1 surrounds sound system/Dolby. No more chord problem in Xbox. It has everything wireless. You can connect to 4 wireless controllers at the same time.

It has other optional features like 1TB HDD. This is optional. You can store your content and use Xbox as a media player. Like other devices, it also has a network Compatability like ethernet and wifi. It has additional USB ports to connect other devices.

These are the major features of the Xbox 360. These features are the same for all three models. There might be some changes, but these are the base features.

Xbox Review

Performance wise Xbox 360 is better than Xbox One and One S. So if you are looking for a new machine, then go for Xbox 360. If you are already a proud owner of the Xbox One then don’t worry the perk in performance is little. And Xbox one also has an advantage over Xbox 360. Very few customers are reporting the power supply of the Xbox 360 is not good. It has an inbuilt power supply. so there are few power issues, you might face in the near future.

Other than it both of the devices are good. That’s all about Xbox review, spec, and features. If you still have some doubts, do comment below.

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