Why And How XBMC Was Renamed As Kodi?

It sounds horrible. No, there can be no excuse as to why they picked ‘Kodi‘ over tons of other names. I don’t care if you say it sounds cute or cool, it’s just not done! It’s just a silly thing the XBMC (Xbox Media Center) team did (I know they had no choice but still! Kodi?!). We don’t know if they will start calling themselves the Kodi Team. We love XBMC and the work they do, but it doesn’t seem they put any effort in naming one of the best media players available in the market.

XBMC will now be called Kodi Entertainment Center. It is a free and open source media player (one of its kind) developed by XBMC Foundation. It can be used on a plethora of operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Apple TV OS, Linux etc) and hardware (ARM, PowerPC, IA-32, x64) platforms. And Kodi is a Client software platform. For its proper functioning, it needs certain files, and you can find these files in repositories. Kodi comes with an official repository, but the options will be limited. You can explore new add-ons and builds from third-party Kodi repositories. Here are the some of the links to download repositories.

The new version of the software will be called Kodi 14 and the team behind the development of the software says it wasn’t practical to carry on with the name ‘XBox’ Media Center. They are citing numerous reasons for this such as the fact that XBMC in its current state barely runs on the original Xbox and has never been able to run on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Naming such a media player on ‘XBox’ would promote confusion and that’s what they don’t want.

The original name of the media player launched in 2002 was Xbox Media Player and made its transition to Xbox Media Center in 2004 once they realized it did much more than your traditional media player. After four years, they started calling it XBMC (the best name they have ever used) and now we have Kodi.

The best thing about ‘Kodi’ is that it won’t change the software. Your beloved media center is still under the protection of the almighty GPL as well.

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