What is PPSSPP Gold? How to use it?

Talking about today’s gaming world, the things that come to our mind is all about Xbox, Playstations and other gaming consoles that will provide you with a classy gaming experience. But I hope there are a lot of people like me, who are still fans of the classic old school video games. But these game devices are outdated and rare to find. Many of us may be wishing to play those games again and might be searching for an alternative that would allow them to play the favorite games of your PSP in PC or Android devices.

What is PPSSPP Gold?

PPSSPP Gold Emulator, one of the unique app that will allow you to enjoy your favorite PSP game in your PC and other Android devices. It is an app that brings our dream of enjoying the old classic games of PSP on our latest android device into reality.

It time to celebrate, because the game developers have decided to create the PPSSPP app.  It is an emulator app, that will allow the user to experience the same magic of their favorite PSP game, just like the normal android gaming apps and along with high quality and graphics.

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Features of PPSSPP Gold emulator

  • Graphics: The graphics what we see and experience now in the modern day gaming apps are a way far advanced when comparing to the Old PSP games or the games from other video game players. This hurdle which you may think that you will face while playing those games on your PC or Android device is now removed. The makes made this possible by ensuring that the gaming is provided with the best high definition gameplay which will give you a similar experience as the modern day gameplay.
  • Device Compatibility: Do these emulators are restricted only to the Android device screen?… Then just know that you are wrong because the developers had made the app compatible with the larger screen of a tablet too. The PPSSPP Gold emulator makes the PSP games which were restricted to an extremely small screen format available on larger screen formats.
  • Controls: Whatever the game you may be playing, whether it may be a latest or the older version, many of us might feel uncomfortable to use the pre-defined controls. This is my favorite feature of this app because it allows its users to customize the controls as per their preference. In addition, you may also connect an external controller or even a keyboard.
  • To match the quality standard of the latest tech is an extremely difficult task and the developers made this difficult task easy by introducing the concept of having anisotropic filtering and texture scaling that shall enable the user to adjust the quality of gameplay as per the user preference.
  • The PPSSPP Gold is developed on an open source platform and created under the GPL 2.0. Based on the recommendations and review of the users the app is made capable to run a lot of PSP games with the best quality gaming experience.

How to play PSP games on Android

  1. Enable unknown sources
    To use third-party applications, your device is disabled by default. Device Settings> Security and Privacy Settings> Unknown Sources>
  2. PPSSPP Gold APK Download Android file
    If you run an unknown source option, external applications can be installed on your Android device. Download now the PPSSPP Gold APK file for Android.
  3. Open file review
    Please wait to download. Once done, click on the File icon. By clicking on the application icon, the installation guide will appear.
  4. Importing PSP video games in ISO format
    You can download games from Torrent or use them from your PSP console to Android. Make sure you download games in ISO or KSO formats.

How to play PSP games on PCs/laptops

A screen is fantastic for playing exciting PSP games. If you see
See PSP Games on PC / Laptop, then follow the instructions.

  1. Download the Android emulator
    Android emulator is a software that allows you to play Android games on a computer. It basically works as an Android smartphone on a computer. There are many Android emulators on the web. We personally recommend that we use Bluestacks.
    BlueStacks Player App because it is more reliable on the internet. Open a browser, find and download the BlueStacks Player app.
  2. Set the BlueStacks Player app
    Once you have installed the BlueStacks Player application, go to your application’s icon. The installation will now begin. If it is not correctly installed, you must follow all the options on the screen.
  3. Download PPSSPP Gold APK
    Now you can install any APK on your personal computer. PPSSPP Gold APK Download file is available here.
  4. Open the PPSSPP Gold APK in BlueStacks
    Download the PPSSPP Gold APK and continue to open the BlueStacks Player app. Open BlueStacks and find the application in the Applications menu. Now the PPSSPP prototype is easy to import into PSP games after installation on Bluestock.


You must now search for the PSP emulators and use the PPSSPP Gold APK. This is the best way to prevent RS from buying expensive terminals. Even simpler controls will be added to you for the first time.

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