Plex Media Player review


Plex is a most powerful media streaming software for the home. Based on a fork of the XBMC framework now known as Kodi, the software turns your personal computer or NAS into a media server that enables access to all your movies, photos and music, from a multitude of devices through a beautiful and slick user interface. If you have a huge collection of media stored on your computer with no ideal way to access it around the home, then Plex is most needed media player for you.

Plex – Setup

There are a few versions of Plex to choose when you are going to setting up the server side of things. There’s the standard Plex Media Server, Plex Home Theatre and Plex Media Server for NAS. Most of the users needs to go for the standard Plex Media Server as, let’s face it, most of your content will be on your main computer anyway and not many users have a NAS set up. The Home Theatre version is for those of you running a dedicated computer that has been attached to your TV, but essentially the setup process is very similar to the standard Media Server.

Once you have downloaded the Media Server, then the installation of Plex media player is a breeze. It can be installed very quickly and takes you through the setup process. Plex detects your media when you told it which folders to look in, and then separates the TV shows, movies, music and photos into their own categories. It can also be used to adds the cover art and descriptions to each content and makes it very rich and beautiful.

Plex – User Interface

The Plex User Interface is a pure joy. It is very easy to use and has all the information you might want, right at your fingertips. Viewing all of your contents that are presented with the glorious cover art and meta data really makes your collection pop. The Plex media player displays all of your content, complete with an unwatched icons so that you can easily see whatever you have or haven’t watched yet. This feature is particularly handy for keeping the track of where you’re up to in a TV series. The Plex media player can also be used to track your progress in a video file, so if you want to close the Plex app down for any reason, you can always pick up where you left off.

Plex – Device Support

The Plex will supports a plenty of devices. Most computer operating systems are supported by the Plex such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS – the latter of which was the first platform Plex was developed for but there are some more loads of other devices you can view the Plex on as well.


As said before, the Plex is a most powerful media player which supports the most video file formats like mp4, 3gp, etc. It is also very famous and popular media player among the users. If you have any queries, Kindly do let us know via the below comments box.

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