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Today, almost millions of people are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Quora etc. People use different types of emojis, text messages, clip arts, stickers to communicate with their friends and spice up their conversation. One of the most common emoji was the Lenny face which became popular all around the world because of its interesting structures and symbols used in it. Almost everyone around the world who is active on different social media platforms or blogs must have come across some different types of perplexing faces. But do you know these faces hide thousands of meanings behind it and have a huge number of variations?

Lenny’s face is a set of Unicode codes which was first used in the year 2012 by an anonymous user in a popular social media platform. After that incident and the appearance of this symbol, it has become widely popular all around the globe. You can try out the lenny face copy and paste tool to generate lenny faces of your wish.

Variations of Lenny’s facesĀ 

After the huge worldwide popularity of Lenny’s faces, there are hundreds of types of variations of Lenny’s faces. Some of Lenny’s faces are basic Lenny, angry Lenny, attack Lenny, blush Lenny, creepy Lenny, cry Lenny, cute Lenny, disapproval Lenny, donger Lenny, feces Lenny, flip table Lenny, glasses Lenny, gun Lenny, happy Lenny, heart Lenny, hide Lenny, kiss Lenny, magic Lenny, middle finger Lenny, mustache Lenny, run Lenny, sad Lenny, shrug Lenny, sparkle Lenny, spider Lenny, upside down Lenny, weird Lenny, wink Lenny and many more. These Lenny faces can be looked over different search engines platforms such as Google and wink.

In contrast o the above variations, if you are having a hard time finding the Lenny face variation over the internet, one can download numerous types of Lenny face generator from the Internet. There are several Lenny face maker applications present on different application stores such as Google play which is free to download. So whatever may be your mood, download and send a variety of Lenny face variation with your friends and families.

Lenny’s face became quite a headache for some social media platforms such as Tumblr. In the year 2014, thousands of people used Lenny faces in their blogs, comments etc. Lenny’s face was used over a hundred thousand times within a few hours. Tumblr was spammed with people using this emoji as a sign of mischief.

Another incident related to Lenny’s face was reported in USA elections where the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her party member spammed the internet and social media platforms with Lenny face I order to mock Donald Trump, who was also the presidential candidate that time. Whatever may be the use of Lenny’s face, these faces after the occurrence of them in the year 2012 are even popular nowadays and used by millions of people worldwide daily.

People use a different variation of Lenny faces in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to show different types of mixed emotions. Mostly, they are used in memes for fun and joke. Afterall it is all about Unicode that is worldwide sensation right now.

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